Questions of the contemporary world
— Alberto Saraiva

Foreword - orun
— Raquel Valadares

— Mari Fraga, Paula Scamparini

Paula Scamparini: in a continuous blind spot and restart
— Clarissa Diniz

ship on canvas   
— Fernanda Lopes

Restorations, returns and beginnings – critical iconography in Paula Scamparini
— Maria de Fátima Lambert

oca-oxalá: made in Portugal
— Lourenço Egreja, Clarisse Meirelles

— Heloísa Meireles Gesteira, Paula Scamparini

— Fernanda Lopes

About hoods and light in the work of Paula Scamparini
— Sônia Salcedo del Castillo

the 23 nights
— Sônia Salcedo del Castillo


-----, 2012

︎ projetc

The photo-instalative series called Words was developed during residency at LaCourDieu, France, during a recent historical moment the economic crises trespassed and scared Europe. La Roche-en-Brenil, such as many of the central French region small villages, was a summer station to French living in bigger cities, besides being a home for few French people countryside who lived there for the whole year. At this occasion, during the long stay and the many (almost daily sometimes) solitary car trips, not just the small city center from La Roche was mostly empty, with its hotel and restaurants closed, but many of the properties around the village and in other villages were on sale. Words series try to, through written paper pieces created in solitary atelier, recreate presence in these empties landscapes it passed through. Between landscapes photographed, the castle, an old writer atelier, the trees, little hubs, a café, a church, and other sceneries were collected filled with papers and words.

Fernanda Lopes
May, 2014