Questions of the contemporary world
— Alberto Saraiva

Foreword - orun
— Raquel Valadares

— Mari Fraga, Paula Scamparini

Paula Scamparini: in a continuous blind spot and restart
— Clarissa Diniz

ship on canvas   
— Fernanda Lopes

Restorations, returns and beginnings – critical iconography in Paula Scamparini
— Maria de Fátima Lambert

oca-oxalá: made in Portugal
— Lourenço Egreja, Clarisse Meirelles

— Heloísa Meireles Gesteira, Paula Scamparini

— Fernanda Lopes

About hoods and light in the work of Paula Scamparini
— Sônia Salcedo del Castillo

the 23 nights
— Sônia Salcedo del Castillo

About hoods and light in the work of Paula Scamparini

Sonia Salcedo del Castillo
November, 2013

︎ projetc

Mysterious selves as murky waters, poor beams. Ah! I envision a game, almost luminous and clear joke of mythological gods eternal seductive messengers, made Mercury or Aphrodite, perhaps of fabulares hats beings and wings like gnomes or fairies. This magical look at nature in its pulsing youthful beauty desires, dreams, delusions sleepless pure and total infamous pleasures ... Yes: the fruitful way to Hera ...

No words would be able to speak of those light-colors reminiscent of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. [Sai alligator tic-tac ... here there is no hands ... We are uncommitted time spaces which points ready to quantum wave, the great lady of the places ...

A lapse, there pitch in the shade of the leaves, there are strange caps sinister lurking, the lake looks like a mirror in the moonless and the rustle of branches and fear hides pulsates ...

Solitary vision, solitary word without sound, words, words ... not all the books I read would know tell them ... so there is plenty to do and see ... thus far for inventing ...

Dai lap, cut out, suppress, I suggest, to redeem and I appropriate ...

... Aiming a dip in nature (here too, art), Sublimo little before the great! I lie down on the grass and have as shelter the largest bear, whatever Bachelard ... No fancy it. Just will, desire or need to say: I