action held in may 2015 at the Fine ArtSchool at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
exhibited in XXX FUORIFESTIVAL 2015 . Palazzo Mazzolari Mosca . Pesaro . Italia

FICÇÕES was recorded in May 2015, at the sculpture atelier of the Fine Arts School in Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). It exposes the abandon of the public schools in Brazil, and brings up the corruption context present in many layers of the society, such as public Institutions as Universities. The action of “cleaning” the big windows of the atelier through a fence, facing the ruins of a new building for the Fine Arts school that should have been built two years before. The body in action goes up and down the stairs, back and forwards the big glass, and never ends the action. In 2015 university teacher’s strikes throughout the country, lasting more than 3 months, were treated silently by the media, and were violently repressed by the police. The audio of the video brings louder one of the most popular “war-shouts” during manifestations: “A Teacher is not a Thief”.

Maykson Cardoso

artistic director
Maykson Cardoso

exhibition view at XXX FUORIFESTIVAL 2015 . Palazzo Mazzolari Mosca . Pesaro . Italy

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