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series of 13 photographic-installations produced in 2012 at the La CourDieu Institute in LaRoche-en-Brenil, France. Shown at Cenro de Arte Helio Oiticica RJ, PhotoEspana Madrid 2015, Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa Lisbon ans 17th Cerveira Biennial.

The photo-instalative series called Words was developed during residency at LaCourDieu, France, during a recent historical moment the economic crises trespassed and scared Europe. La Roche-en-Brenil, such as many of the central French region small villages, was a summer station to French living in bigger cities, besides being a home for few French people countryside who lived there for the whole year. At this occasion, during the long stay and the many (almost daily sometimes) solitary car trips, not just the small city center from La Roche was mostly empty, with its hotel and restaurants closed, but many of the properties around the village and in other villages were on sale. Words series try to, through written paper pieces created in solitary atelier, recreate presence in these empties landscapes it passed through. Between landscapes photographed, the castle, an old writer atelier, the trees, little hubs, a café, a church, and other sceneries were collected filled with papers and words.

Fernanda Lopes

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    je t'aime mon amour . part of Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa Múltiplos Collection


mythologie des arbres

les bibelots

le curieux cabinet d’histoires: de jules a ma chere georges

exhibition view . Centro de arte Helio Oiticica . 2012

the illegible

exhibition held at Centro de arte Helio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro . 2012

Since 2009 Paula Scamparini production is structured as investigations about the word-made-image. Initially offered in reading devices, the writings of the artist find their way into objects in space, presenting herself experience as the device for the creation of these objects, and over time, acquiring sculptural character in assemblages and installations in space. The images shown here were produced in 2012, during the Art Residency held at Instituto La CourDieu at French countryside. From the physical displacement to the text writings the artist creates fabular Images from what is seen and lived. Her work process the written words resizes in pieces of paper, edited, printed, and ordered in a way to inhabit the space in a sort of return to the landscape. Here, the places the artist produced the writings received her written installations, that come to ephemerally transform the same landscapes. At this exhibition, for the first time Paula brings together in a exhibition, photographs and writings, which are articulated by the concepts the artist investigates.

Fernanda Lopes curator text.
Fernanda Lopes

about the illegible (details)

castelo 16ª Bienal de Cerveira . 2011

public actions

series of three public actions held during 16th Cerveira Biennial, Portugal . 2011.

The series of actions refer to Experience #2 from Brazilian artist Flavio de Carvalho, were held during Cerveira Biennial and are an ongoing process since 2010. The devices for the actions are small rolls of written (printed) papers. The group experiences tell about inter-subjective experience, which, in this case, naturally turn into a mechanism for intercultural exchange, when writings collected abroad are put in series that, collectively, are passed from hand to hand. The long roll of paper, though, finally makes its content unreadable to its complete extent. In exchange for the effort or trying to read the local histories printed along the small but long stripes of paper, the participants get to exchange experiences, touches, eye-catches and time between themselves.

The written papers device were, at the same occasion, organized as sculptures (The castle of crossed destinies – Foundation Cerveira Biennial Collection), which were shown during exhibition locally, and later developed and showed at group exhibition Novíssimos IBEU.

fórum 16ª Bienal de Cerveira . 2011

parque 16ª Bienal de Cerveira . 2011

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