the gate series (1/3) . muellerschen volksbad

verboten series

series of 16 photo-installations, partially showed at Gedok Munchen Gallery, at Kunstlerhaus in Wie, in Munich Rathaus Galerie and at GPL Contemporary Wien

The series of 9 performances called Munchen (or Verboten), were produced in Munich, Germany, and took place at the most important old buildings from the town, like a public pool, a cinema, a theater, a library or a monument. Munich has a monumental aspect that keeps the worst of its country and city history alive for a foreign. In this way, as saying a word about it is not permitted, and has absolutely no means, the silence was put in the process as papers became black. Instead, the naked body made serial showed being useful as, at the same time creating a possible way of defying the monumentality of the city, and at the other hand exposing the cultural displacement of the silent Brazilian body as part of that landscape. In line, as a crowd waiting for a command, yet completely exposed, the anonymous bodies respond as a production line, and let go any existential, biological or sexual meaning it could.
exhibition views at Blau Projects Gallery . São Paulo . photography Leticia Ranzan

the circus : to frederico . munchner kammerspiele theater

the meeting . you'd rather not be here . sendling tor kino

sometimes doing something leads to nothing : to francis . priestzh-moritz home


Anna-Jutta Priestch
Alexandra Hendrikoff
Angelika Bartholl
Bani Silva
Carla Salomão
Elisabeth Heindl
Nina Mendes
Reinhild Gerun
Suli Korban
Tio K
Wolfgang Moritz
special thanks to
EAV Parque Lage
Claudia Saldanha
Tânia Queiroz

GEDOK Munchen
Angelika Schulz
Anna-Jutta Priestch
Katia Rid
Wolfgang Moritz

Museum Villa Stuck
Mullersches Volksbad
Munchner Kammerspiele
Sendling Tor Kino
Villa Waldberta
Museu Villa Stuck
Robert Szabò
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