exhibition view . Centro de arte Helio Oiticica . 2012

the illegible

exhibition held at Centro de arte Helio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro . 2012

Since 2009 Paula Scamparini production is structured as investigations about the word-made-image. Initially offered in reading devices, the writings of the artist find their way into objects in space, presenting herself experience as the device for the creation of these objects, and over time, acquiring sculptural character in assemblages and installations in space. The images shown here were produced in 2012, during the Art Residency held at Instituto La CourDieu at French countryside. From the physical displacement to the text writings the artist creates fabular Images from what is seen and lived. Her work process the written words resizes in pieces of paper, edited, printed, and ordered in a way to inhabit the space in a sort of return to the landscape. Here, the places the artist produced the writings received her written installations, that come to ephemerally transform the same landscapes. At this exhibition, for the first time Paula brings together in a exhibition, photographs and writings, which are articulated by the concepts the artist investigates.

Fernanda Lopes curator text.

Fernanda Lopes

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