sometimes you just get to cut people's eyes


project took place in Munich, depicting local interlocutors during residence at Domagck Studios, at the invitation of the GEDOK Munchen Gallery . 2014

exhibited at GEDOK Munchen under Katia Rid curatory, and posteriorly at IBEU Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, and GPL Contemporary, Viena.

curatorial accompaniment
Anna-Jutta Priestch

Portraits printed on japanese paper and cut

sometimes you just get to cut people's eyes (details) . IBEU Gallery . foto Vinicius Panisset

exhibition view at GEDOK Munchen Gallery . july 2014 . munchen series and sometimes you get to cut people's eyes . curatorship Katia Rid

Alexandra Hendrikoff
Angelika Bartholl
Bani Silva
Carla Salomão
Elisabeth Heindl
Faro Marufi
Nina Mendes
Reinhild Gerun
Suli Korban
Wolfgang Moritz
thanks to
GEDOK Germany
Angelica Schultz
Anna-Jutta Priestch
Katia Rid

EAV Parque Lage
Claudia Saldanha
Tânia Queiroz
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