view of audiovisual installation at comensais#1 . ORUN video

(or) a grain of sand 500 light-years

MESA . comensais#1 . jogo da bola street . morro da conceição . rio de janeiro
action held with valongo observatory support

ORUN (sky in Yoruba) brings up several layers of understanding and dealing with the sky, and is an audiovisual installation that counts on visitor’s participation.

The visitor first get to a series of radios turned on and hanged in a wall. Beside radios, there’s’ a map available with instructions: she or he must get a map and follow the steps. The first one is to get a radio and go to the little square in front of the gallery...

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celestial objects observation
Daniel Mello

sky maps + audio action (8’34”) + video installation (16’13'') + stars observing

Carolina Moreira
Daniel Mello
Heloísa Meireles
Mãe Edelzuita de Oxalá
Tia Lúcia

thanks to
Analu Cunha
Bianca Madruga
Vilmar Madruga

Caila Felicitas
Cassiana Rodrigues
Cecilia Cipryano
Eduardo Souza
Hélio Jaques Rocha Pinto
Jessica Kloosterman
Leticia Tanderetta
Lorran Dias
Mamed Caki
Maurício Nolasco
Merced Guimarães
Thiago Fontes
Pedro de Omolu
Raquel Valadares

A Mesa
Casa Ileobanila . Vila Valqueire . RJ
Instituto Pretos Novos . RJ
Observatório do Valongo UFRJ . RJ

stars observing . visit at observatory in comensais#1

to hear looking at the sky . audio action . view from jogo da bola street with visitor hearing portable radio in comensais#1

hourly sky maps of the day of the event, marked with invisible sky portion caused by city buildings and light pollution . partial installation view at comensais#1
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