sometimes you get to cut people’s eyes . paper and cut

mexeu com uma mexeu com todas

solo exhibition held at GPL Contemporary gallery in Vienna . 2015

Mexeu com uma mexeu com todas (no translation available) brings a selection of recent works in video, audio photo and paper pieces that, reworked for Vienna Solo show, brought up urgent contemporary dilemmas, such as cultural heritage transferred through the feminine, getting back to Marx and Hegel studies about pre-civilized (pre-barbaric too) social organization. Video and paper installations together bring to public the fact of the presence of women refugees in Europe since a long time, and their transposing of cultural heritage as mothers or adopted children being part of European families.

The audio piece, that names the exhibition, act in a more private sphere, turning public real sexual interaction audios between people from different origins, such as Brazil, European countries, Middle East countries, and African countries. The visitant is invited to deal with the statement intimate sounds put, once in group and anonymous. Intimate zone generate political extended question about the power of intercultural knowledge.
Georg Peithner Lichtenfels


fairy tales : to oscar . series of 6 audio pieces playing simultaneously

l’aperitif . video installation in 4 channels

Barachto (sound editor for 84'07")
Cassio Tassi (video editor for Láperitif)
Niki Passath (technical support GPL)
Joana Antonaccio
Lara Carmo
Luar Regina Mafra
Marcia de Moraes
Melina Akerman
Nina Mendes
Carla Salomão
Faro Marufi
Suli Korban
Anna-Jutta Priestch
Alexandra Hendrikoff
Angelika Bartholl
Elisabeth Heindl
Reinhild Gerun
Vivianne de Montalembert
Marie Triboulet
Camille Nicole

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