installation view photo Beto Roma


audio-visual installation held at IBEU Gallery in Rio de Janeiro in 2015

The audiovisual installation 3AMARGEM (in a literature reference that user the word border in two different senses) was specially produced for IBEU Gallery. Situated in the most known and popular sea neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, the glasses of the gallery suggested an action involving crowded and noisy, Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Street, major neighborhood street. In 3AMARGEM the visitor is invited to sit on one of the neighborhood borrowed people chairs, listening to their stories through an illegal open-radio, different fragments of life stories which were recorder during one month research, edited, and put alive in a free radio station that transmitted to the whole neighborhood. Sit on the chairs, visitors would necessarily be facing directly the windows of those same (or other) people, who took part as collaborators, characters and actors in this collaborative show. In 3AMARGEM , private histories are put alive, but keep anonymous, if not by the chair, the windows and some people at the other side of the street, from the buildings windows, or the bakery or cigar shop downstairs, facing gallery visitors just as also characters, actors.

Fernanda Lopes curator text.


Fernanda Lopes

audio and radiodiffusion
Bruna Zanolli (brunaZ)

audio edition

installation details .  photo Flávio Mayerhofer

installation view . photo Beto Roma

     installation view . photo Vinicius Panisset

3amargem photoinstallations

thanks to
round table
Ivair Reinaldin
Floriano Romano

Flavio Mayerhofer
Vinicius Panisset

site production
Brenda da Matta

Airton Moraes
Anna Avanesova
Camelô 1 (não quis ser identificado)
Camelô 2 (não quis ser identificado)
Camila Formoso
Carlos Henrique de Andrade
Carlos Rogers
Casa Assuf
Café e Charutaria Lolló
Cicero de Souza Dias
Denise de Medeiros Leite
Fernanda Lopes
Floriano Romano
Francielle Borges Meira
Francisco Jose Pontes
Gersio Lara
Gilmar dos Santos Coelho
Lidane Cristine
Jorge Soledar
José Fernandes da Costa
Júlio Cesar Barbosa
Mamed Caki
Mariana Vidal
Maria Letícia de Medeiros
Michel Zissu
Miguel Pereira
Mulher do ouro (não quis ser identificada)
Mulher de Israel (não quis ser identificada)
Paulo Paulinho Paulão
Paulo Ferreira Carvalho
Perpétua Maria Pio da Costa
Rafael Diniz
Ricardo Luiz
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